My husband is sick, but still sex - Akari Mitani

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Mitani, despite being obedient, is unlucky but she has an abusive father, a metamorphosis. Typically, after he was sick, his only son was a very filial man who asked his wife to take care of him so thoughtfully, and his daughter-in-law took care of his condition. but at the same time he became more and more exposed to his lewd nature, although he was much better but he always pretended to be sick to touch his beautiful daughter-in-law. A few days later, after having been picked up by his daughter-in-law from a wheelchair, the lewdness filled his mind. He used his best to press his daughter-in-law and rape her, She also resisted but then stopped because her husband shouted, she was afraid he would fabricate talk to her husband and can break the family happiness at any time should bite teeth endured in torment. It is true that the bride was suffering and then have the name of the husband again, sad for the bad girl.